Frequently Asked questions

How to register?

Open the link to register.

After filling in the fields, check the e-mail address where you will receive the activation link. (Check for spam and promotions / ads, notifications can be found in these sections).

After opening the activation link you can create your password, get verification and activate the security tools.

Keep in mind! Unable to register with ru email, please use another email.

How to deposit Georgian Lari?

You can transfer Georgian Lari to folowing accounts:

TBC Bank

Account number: GE48TB7256036080100010

Bank of Georgia

Account number: GE79BG0000000160951585

Please include your registration e-mail address in the wire transfer description.

This is the email address that appears in the upper right corner.


Identification code 405189166

Description: Your registration email address

If you transfer money from TBC Bank or Bank of Georgia, your wallet will be fill within 1 minute.

Please keep in mind that the amount transfered from other banks after 15:00 Tbilisi time will be reflected in your wallet on the next banking day.

Keep in mind! The amount transferred to the account from the Bank of Georgia during night hours, in particular in the period 00:00 - 04:00, may be credited to the wallet after 04:00.

How to buy crypto and transfer?

To buy crypto, open the wallet, select the cryptocurrency, click buy, then select GEL, write the amount and complete the purchase. Purchased cryptocurrency will appear in the wallet.

After the purchase, click the withdraw, write the amount that the recipient should receive, be sure to note the withdraw fee that you must leave on the balance. You need to enter the recipient's cryptocurrency address in the address and click on the next step. On the review page, carefully check the amount of cryptocurrencies and the recipient's address, then send.

For details on the cryptocurrency transferred from your wallet, see in the menu, Crypto withdrawals.

How to sell crypto and transfer Gel?

Open the wallet, select the cryptocurrency you have on your Coinmania wallet and which you want to sell, then select Sell, click GEL and finish the sale.

Then open your wallet again, select GEL, click on withdraw, add bank account number, save and send GEL.

GEL withdraw fee is 1 GEL for any amount.